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What You Should Know Before You Try To Build Chicken Coops

If you were looking at just the outside, it might look like an easy job to build chicken coops.  However, there are some important things to think about before diving in.  A coop isn’t just a wooden box that a chicken sits in, it is a small home that serves several different functions for the chicken and its owner.  You will want to know all the parts you need, and what each part does.

First, decide on a size for the coop.  A good rule of thumb is to allow about 4 square feet per chicken at the minimum. 

After that, you will want to begin looking into nest boxes.  A nest box is where a chicken will lay its eggs and where it could raise young chicks if it wanted to.  These are not necessary, but they help.  Nest boxes can be built into the structure of the coop or they can be something as simple as milk crates placed inside.

You will need to make room for a perch, though.  The perch is the place where the chicken will sleep.  It is generally a nice, smooth dowel or tube.  You’ll want one perch for each chicken.  Like all birds, chickens will want to sit high up, so make sure your raise the perch up.

Outside of the coop, the chickens need a place to run.  The run can be a small fenced-in area around the coop, or it can be your entire yard.  The important thing is to make sure the chickens can get access to it when they want.  You’ll need to be careful about predators here.

Finally, make sure the coop has good air circulation and a way for you to get in and clean up all the droppings.  Chickens like a clean home.  Plan to build it in a sunny area too, so that it stays warm inside.

There are plans online that can show you the right direction to move in if you want to try and build chicken coops.